Edit your content

It's always important to keep your content up to date. Our system allows you to easily change your content text, images and Youtube video throughout the website.

Follow these steps to edit your content and make changes. The essential points are highlighted in bold.

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your website

  2. Look for the 'Edit' icon and click it. You will find it above and to the left of any content that can be changed.
    Edit icon
  3. Your content will open up in the 'Editor window'. Use the editor and its toolbar icons to change your content and how it looks. (See here for more details on how the content editor works.)

Tips to help you edit content on your website:

  • Remember you are writing text online and this is therefore subject to your internet connection. This means it's a good idea to frequently click the 'Save' button and save your work to prevent data loss.
  • The editor's toolbars look and behave in a similar way to those found on common word processing programmes. For more details on what it can do, look at the Content Editor page in the Help Centre.
  • Once you save your work, it will be visible to the public. You can however hide your work from public view while you make changes. Do this by ensuring the 'Access Level' is set to 'Special' in the 'Publishing' area, then saving your change. Now only you will be able to see this content, so don't forget to return the setting to 'Public' when you have finished.
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Whatever the reason, our websites are a great way to get noticed!

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