The Content Editor

Your content editor has been designed to work in a similar manner to many commonly used word processing programmes. This means that any experience you have with these will help you as you make changes to your website.

Saving your work

Save and Cancel Buttons - Click the Save button to save your changes, leave the editing window  and return to the website. To discard your changes and return to the  website, click the Cancel button.

Note: It is a good idea to often click the 'Save' button and save your work to prevent data loss.

Saving your workUsing the standard toolbars

Here is a list of the icons on our standard toolbars and what they do. Important points are highlighted in bold.

Editor toolbarsEditing tools

  1. Undo and Redo - Undo an action, and then redo it again if necessary.
  2. Find and Replace - Clicking these will bring up a dialogue box where you can perform search and replace operations.
  3. Cut, Copy and Paste - Remove or copy a selection to the clipboard. Place your cursor where you wish to place this content, then click the Paste icon. This brings up the paste dialogue box. Use Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste the text into the box and click the 'Insert' button.

    Note: It is important to use the toolbar icons in the 'cut, copy, paste' process, and avoid simply selecting your text, then pasting using a keyboard shortcut. By using the icons, you remove any unnecessary formatting that may well break your webpage. If your browser displays a warning, follow these essential steps before attempting to cut, copy and paste, especially if you use Firefox as your browser.

Formatting options

  1. Bold and Italics - Make your selection bold or italic.

    Note: Underlining is not provided as an option due to its use being reserved for hyperlinks.

  2. Ordered and unordered lists - Set up lists using numbers or symbols, with additional options available under the drop down arrows.Type out your list, ensuring you use the enter key at the end of each list item. Then select the list and click the icon.
  3. Alignment - Left or centre align your selection.
  4. Blockquote - A feature that allows you to use any formatting provided by the website designer to highlight text as a quotation box. Select the text you wish to turn into a blockquote and click the icon.
  5. Formatting Box - Select some text, then use the drop down arrow to choose one of the formatting styles provided by the website designer for your headings. The standard style for your text is listed as 'Paragraph', so use this if you want to change back to normal formatting.

    Note: These styles reduce in size from Heading 1 downwards, with Heading 6 being used as a decorative style if your website has required it. Be sure to use these styles consistently throughout your website.
Editor toolbars

Managing media: Hyperlinks, images etc

Images, hyperlinks and video give your website variety and interest. Here are the essential points, but we have provided more detail on our Managing Media page.

  1. Insert Image - Make sure your cursor is at the start of a paragraph, then click the 'Image' icon. In the window that opens, click the image you wish to insert and click the the 'Insert' button. Then resize your image by clicking and dragging.

    Note: It is essential to resize each image you insert. This ensures it fits your layout and gives your page variety. More details on inserting images are provided on our Managing Media page.

  2. Insert File - You can use this to insert files such as pdf and word documents. Select some text, click the 'File' icon, then use the windows that appear to upload and insert your file.
  3. Insert YouTube Video - Navigate in your browser to the YouTube video you wish display and copy the url of the page from your address bar. Then place your cursor at the start of a paragraph and click the 'Media' icon. Next, paste the url into the window that appears where shown and click the 'Save' button. This will insert a placeholder graphic; click and drag to resize the video so that it fits in your layout.
  4. Insert Hyperlink - Use this to insert hyperlinks to webpages or email. Select some text, click the icon and insert your url into the window to link to a webpage. To remove a hyperlink, select the text and click the 'Unlink' icon.
  5. Insert Custom Character - Place your cursor at the point where you want to insert a symbol and click the 'Custom Character' icon. Use the window that appears to select the symbol you wish to insert.
  6. Insert Read More - Type out your article in full. Then place your cursor at the end of the paragraph where you want your introduction to end, then click the icon.

    Note: This step is essential for any long article of more than a couple of short paragraphs, otherwise it will not fit on the homepage of your website.

Don't forget, more details on how to insert images, hyperlinks, YouTube video, custom characters and read more links are provided on our Managing Media page.

Spellchecking your work

  1. Spellchecker - To spellcheck your text, click the icon. After processing, any words not recognised by Google's dictionary will have a wavy red line underneath. Left click the word for spelling suggestions or use the option to ignore.

    Note: This feature requires the use of Google's online dictionary, so wait until the tool loads. If a connection has not been made, click the icon again.

Repairing your content

If you make mistakes, you can return sections of content to when they were first created by your website designer.

  1. Insert Template - Select all of the content in the editing window, then click the 'Insert Template' icon. Next, use the names of the listed templates to correctly choose the template that matches your content, and select it. Then click the 'Insert' button.

Using the advanced toolbar

Sometimes your design may need you to use advanced features. If so, the icons that control this functionality will be grouped on a separate toolbar.

Working with tables

Your content may have been positoned inside a table to ensure it is correctly presented.  Use these icons to add another row so you can display information on a new item, such as a product or service you have for sale. You can also delete a row to remove an item.

  1. Insert Row Before - Inserts a row above the row in which your cursor is located.
  2. Insert Row After - Inserts a row below the row in which your cursor is located.
  3. Delete Row - Deletes the row in which your cursor is located.

Controls for tables

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